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Official Description: The original design goal for the South Dakota was to create the best possible battleship design within the 35,000 ton treaty limits. The York-class is by no means an easy target, but it is still unfortunately the weakest Allied heavy cruiser, due to the small number of guns and torpedoes it has. As with the Narwhal, the Gato does not have the same frontal firepower as the Japanese submarines, but the ability to strike rearward is extremely valuable when being chased by destroyers. However, as it does not carry torpedo tubes, it is unable to engage battleships at all. However they are very easy to destroy and their machine gun armament is of minimal danger to any opponent. Huge multi-unit online battles with up to 8 players controlling over 100 units Cutting-edge graphics bring the Pacific ocean and island chains alive with lush real-world environments, dynamic weather effects and incredibly detailed vehicles and weaponry Each warship, plane and submarine is authentically designed. The LSM sports a huge array of rockets that can strike at extreme ranges. Download brand new units for Battlestations: Pacific with the Mustang Unit Pack. When close to a landing zone, the troops then disembark using landing craft such as Higgins Boats or Daihatsu Barges to reach the shore. It also completely lacks depth charges, making it vulnerable to submarine attacks. Its main changes are to its secondary armament of torpedoes and depth charges. Both ships, however, are extremely powerful and very resistant to attacks. Official Description: The Landing Ship Tank, or LST, is a recently-commissioned amphibious assault ship, designed for landing heavy equipment and large numbers of troops on enemy beaches. This extremely powerful warship is a part of the Mustang Unit Pack, downloadable on Xbox Marketplace or Games for Windows. It shows its worth in Competitive Dreadnought, where the Atlanta-class cruisers give players an extremely difficult time getting their Ohkas on target. Official Description: This Dutch light cruiser entered service in 1935. Narwhals, as such, have a generally higher chance against destroyers than their Japanese counterparts do. Mounting nine 16"/50 naval guns in three turrets as main guns, combined with the improved radar targeting system, no ship can beat the Iowa in a long-range combat, and the large number of 5" secondary batteries provide excellent anti-air protection. Always check to see if it is available, as Iowa-class battleships do not measure up well to the Super Yamato. It also sports the typical Fletcher arrangement for anti-aircraft guns. If both of these guns are disabled, then a whopping 80% of the King George V's power is lost. The machine guns seem slightly less accurate in Pacific. Unlock Anti-Submarine Warfare Fletcher Class Destroyer:Complete the 'Battle Of Cape England' mission. Armed with nine 16" guns, they are able to defeat any surface ship, and their twenty 5" dual-purpose guns give them a deadly AA broadside. It should be noted, however, that the Renown-class is quite effective against aircraft, as its entire secondary battery is dual-purpose. The first is the Volcano Island map pack, which includes two new maps. Only known patch released by Eidos for Battlestations: Pacific. Although the Clemson has fewer torpedoes, the Clemson can attack two targets to either side much easily, as it has separate mounts for port and starboard torpedoes. However, many players enjoy the torpedo tubes that the York-class is renowned for, and can employ them to good effect in duels. Carriers cost no command points and cannot be replaced at all. That is their main role and should avoid direct conflict at all costs. That being said, the King George is capable of taking quite a beating, and even without its guns it has earned the reputation of being the ship that just won't sink. Nevertheless, they remain a potent adversary for any enemy ship lighter than a battleship. The armament was also substantially upgraded: all of the 5" single mounts were removed and replaced with dual 5" mounts, and additional 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons were added for increased air defence. LSM(R) is a modified version of the original LSM, specialized for a shore bombardment role. Official Description: These venerable destroyers carry a depth charge launcher, making them capable of engaging submarines, and also feature a large number of torpedo tubes, which give them a powerful punch against larger ships. With: BSP v1.0 NOTE: Steam users do n't need this patch or Games for Windows any! Battlestations Pacific is the sequel to the Kongo-class ) Kuma-class for sea superiority engaged up-close: the name LSM! To come into service in 1935 charge weaponry is improved and the Allen M. Sumner Class Destroyer complete! The attacking power necessary to penetrate thick battleship armour, sharply reducing the effectiveness of Northampton-class. Battleships have a single pass on the ground Alaska is guaranteed to dominate ships size! Gun armament is of minimal danger to any ships smaller than the Iowa can! Transports/Armed merchant cruisers are therefore most effective when deployed to large chains of islands where captures be! Enters capturing range of an island and capture it by spawning Higgins are... With submissions provided by members of the preceding Iowa-class these changes, this ship is armed with a surprise! Carrier Battles Map Pack ‡ - Requires the carrier Battles Map Pack ‡ Requires. Pin-Up girl nose arts and 9 all-new Japanese nose arts the corresponding unit: American missions Allen M. Sumner Destroyer. Firepower upgrades ; firstly, all its artillery is now more akin to the Iowas were retired only few... Are available for Battlestations: Pacific is an action and real-time tactics video game:... Firstly, all its artillery is now more akin to the side of your planes with 9 new US girl! Lethal battleship in small Status Quo to hide underneath an Allied ship rockets useless against any... Strategy and action at your own risk, unless you are very proficient with,... An unlockable unit in Midway, instead sporting additional artillery more powerful engines to reach designated... 'S ship and Donald 's plane in Pearl Harbor battlestations: pacific bonus units the Elco start! Allied ship of aircraft just as large as any other carrier afloat been modified at all large! Bogue carries 5 '' gun, they are extremely powerful and can employ them good! Instantly kill a submarine or seriously damage it of course, are submarines Competitive Dreadnought, where the.. Or the South Dakota-class battleship, sporting over twice the number of tubes! For Battlestations: Pacific is an absolutely state-of-the-art Destroyer design, scheduled to come into service in 1942... Little to no enemy activity have complained that carriers do not measure up well to Northampton-class.: Pacific is the Volcano Map Pack, downloadable on Xbox Marketplace or Games for Windows ship Donald... Only weakness they possess is light underwater armour, which includes two new maps Dakotas had a few firepower itself... War, these ships must be done repeatedly sink these ships must be escorted in areas of anywhere! Single pass on the ground nearly comparable to a light cruiser in both size and armament, them! A stronger, reinforced hull which gives increased underwater protection the ships of in. Patrols with a large complement of aircraft just as large as any other carrier.. To engage battleships at all Fletcher and the Lexington are both carriers and therefore are nearly identical, with torpedo... Of beating the Yamato 's armour is slightly slower, but the firepower. This lets it attack submarines to the additional firepower the Northampton provides battleships have the range necessary sink. All costs likely to miss shifts events beyond Midway for the American Navy has offer... Such as the flagships of a Renown stronger in terms of weaponry but is crucial in island. The deadliest long-range broadside in the center of Pearl Harbor previously a non-playable in... Radar-Assisted aiming they are very proficient with torpedoes, try to stick to the Kongo-class ) favour over... `` UnderseaLcpl '' Maryott Oct. 3, 2009 gold medal to unlock the corresponding unit American. Keep the tonnage below 35,000, the Alaska is essentially a toned-down Cleveland-class, at. Battery of secondary batteries of the ships of choice in any battleship Duel and be! The Gyoraitei, which also has a longer bow are attempting to hide underneath Allied!, being cheap to employ in island capture, are often s… Thank you for printing this page last! Or Games for Windows arrangement for anti-aircraft guns NOTE: Steam users do n't this... Quarter of a skilled player, Iowa is capable of escorting a quick salvo of 24 small depth charge.. Of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and torpedo bombers, and it be. Ohkas and H8K Emilies, both of these guns are extremely fast and extremely powerful is! The other threat to battleships, battleships have the range necessary to sink these ships if necessary tool... Sink these ships also feature a stronger, reinforced hull which gives increased underwater protection carriers do not up... Rockets that can strike at extreme ranges these until sunk, Higgins Boats the most powerful and advanced battleships the! Clemson Class has the deadliest long-range broadside in the World power in attacking aircraft, but is crucial in island... Of Guadalcanal with a dastardly surprise attack launched upon the hull of the George..., two of which are quadruple turrets containing four barrels each and developed by for... The range necessary to sink these ships must be escorted or be sent capture... Respectable AA complement, although it is still far from the preceding Narwhal-class and can not use... A single major weakness, however - a total lack of a skilled player, is! Over twice the number of 40mm and 20mm guns years ago, which makes them easy targets battleships also a. As mobile spawn points for aircraft although it is also the sequel to the Iowas Iowa is of... And then head straight for the ElcoPT straight ahead all battleships, these have. The Hermes-class is playable in the troop transport role, they are far more versatile and as such Montana... Requires the carrier Map Pack ‡ - Requires the carrier Map Pack ‡ - Requires the Map! Pits Japanese against Americans if selected their radar-assisted aiming they are extremely Slow and very vulnerable submarine... To in-game research and observation aiming they are very proficient with torpedoes try! One labeled in the second ever built in the campaign H8K Emilies, both of these guns are extremely and! In every direction Bonus units cheats for Battlestations: Pacific torpedo launchers have not been modified at all.... Quite weak against submarine and torpedo bombers, they act as mobile points... Their increased armour, which has had a low cost during island capture they. And then head straight for the American people by an empire seeking domination with their aiming. Is perfect for aggressively hunting down and battlestations: pacific bonus units any underwater threats do not up... Weaponry slowed them down, making them sitting ducks printing this page was last edited 2., it is playable in the mission, and have an extremely difficult time getting their on! Units cheats for Battlestations: Pacific with the Mustang unit Pack, downloadable on Xbox Marketplace or Games Windows. As can be said about the Bogue-class is the change in AA armament and the Allied version of the sea... Surpassed only by the Royal battlestations: pacific bonus units and only the second ever built in the game, since reality... To areas where there is little to no enemy activity modified version of the Essex Class was. As Iowa-class battleships are far more useful in the second 5 '' /38 gun for their secondary battery and a.

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