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Watch this Ezio Auditore da Firenze video, The Life of Ezio - Death Letter, on Fanpop and browse other Ezio Auditore da Firenze videos. [137], From the Old Market, Ezio moved onto the Florence Cathedral, assassinating a priest of Savonarola who had been chanting at the top of the dome. Granadan soldiers everywhere who saw this Assassin dart from roof to roof targeted him as though he were an enemy, and when he at last reached the gate, he was still forced to dispatch some of the defending troops to open the gate for the Spanish. On his enemy's corpse, Ezio found a page like the one he recovered in his father's chest. 7 Ezio: Players Got To See Him Grow Since His Birth [171] La Volpe also informed Ezio that the guild was attacked by the Cento Occhi who worked for Cesare. [243] Later, the apprentice send in Bursa returned and informed Ezio that Vali kidnapped to Assassins to exchange them against the den of the Galata. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (1459 – 1524) was a Florentine nobleman during the Renaissance, and, unbeknownst to most historians and philosophers, a Master Assassin and the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, a title which he held from 1503 to 1513. On 23 May 1498, [citation needed] Savonarola was brought to the Piazza della Signoria to be burned at the stake—ironically the very means by which he had sought to destroy the city's culture. Upon briefly touching the Apple, Ezio accidentally activated the device, which began to glow and project strange holographic images, though he quickly deactivated it. [1] His name, meaning eagle, was chosen to keep up the tradition of Altaïr, whose named also meant eagle. [158], Convening an emergency meeting, Ezio organized a manhunt for Micheletto that focused on the area surrounding Rome and Ostia. [84], At this moment, the Orsi brothers arrived before the walls with an ultimatum that they had captured the children and would kill them if she refused to hand over Riario's map and the Apple. [15], After Ezio finished his chores, he was summoned by Giovanni, who asked him to deliver two letters to contacts of his in the city and retrieve a third letter from a nearby pigeon coop. [217], Ezio and Leonardo exploring the catacombs, Ezio entered the catacombs and made his way towards the temple. He then realized that the entire Templar conspiracy was just a part of Rodrigo Borgia's plan to find the Vault and that the trip to Cyprus had almost certainly been to retrieve one of the two required Pieces of Eden. [46], Ezio meeting Leonardo in the Apennine Mountains, Ezio's encounter with Rodrigo Borgia and his Venetian associate distressed him greatly as he had hoped that he might lay his vengeance to rest with the death of Jacopo. Through this building, they could collect information from the Borgia guards who drank there and taking their money through gambling games. At one point, Ezio disguised himself as a minstrel, and prevented an attack on the young Prince Suleiman at Topkapı Palace; whom he recognized as the "student" from the ship he had entered the city on. He won the race across the Dorsoduro district,[68] defeated an opponent in a game of capture-the-flag, [69] and in the third game, Ezio's handsomeness helped him to collect the most ribbons from the ladies of the Carnevale. Entering the Colosseum, the two Assassins made their way through the old lair of Romulus, marking the way as they went, until they reached the entrance to the Vault. The irate explorer initially rejected his protection but was put in his place when he was ambushed by Templar knights. As Machiavelli left the place, a group of thieves attacked the guards. 5 quotes from Ezio Auditore da Firenze: 'To say that nothing is true is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile and that we must be the shepherds of our civilization. While Rodrigo and Emilio fled, Ezio was apprehended by Templar guards, but he overpowered and killed them before swiftly putting the dying Jacopo out of his misery. As he brought her to a nearby enclosure, pleading for her to stay with him, she admitted to him that her heart had always been with him and that she wished they could have had a second chance. [195], Disguised Ezio delivering Bartolomeo to Octavian, Following the Banker's death, Ezio travelled to Bartolomeo d'Alviano's barracks and met with the condotierro and his wife, Pantasilea Baglioni, just before the barracks was attacked by a French army under the command of Octavian de Valois, a Templar working in concert with Cesare Borgia. [52] He was also nominated at the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 for "Best Character". [72], Before the party began, Ezio was contacted by Leonardo who informed him that Cristina Vespucci was in Venice for the Carnevale. In late 1512, the pair returned to Rome, with Claudia congratulating them on their union. [158], Ezio continued to target Cesare's vessels, and in several cases, the initial bomb's explosion was followed by the detonation of the vessel gunpowder reserve; at one point, the explosion of one ship brought down the two on either side of it. [189], Ezio met with Niccolò, La Volpe, Claudia, and Caterina in the Assassin hideout, where they discussed their plans to attack the Borgia. In 1500, during the siege of Monteriggioni, even after being shot by multiple arquebusiers in the chest area and then falling from a building because of it, Ezio was still able to fight guards with ease later on and even climb the Auditore Crypt walls without exhausting himself the least bit. [64] On his body, Ezio found a Codex page. The two Assassins descended the hill to investigate the Roman Forum and found him threatened by guards. With this new lead, Ezio decided to attend the upcoming meeting. Ezio decided to pay them a visit, but was told to avoid the guards, as they had a warrant for his arrest as well. Ezio freed him by stealing the key of his cage. Upon intercepting one of them and reassuring them that he did not kill innocents, the monk gave Ezio the name of the nine-fingered monk: Girolamo Savonarola. The Piece of Eden told Ezio that the time had come for him to relinquish it, so that future generations might make use of it, and also indicated where it should be hidden. [218], Arriving in Naples on Midsummers Day, 1506, Ezio, Leonardo and Niccolò were met with a wall of silence from the local population when they questioned them about Micheletto. Lorenzo also gave Ezio a Codex page that Francesco de' Pazzi had held once. Yusuf provided Ezio with a sizable bomb, claiming that it was significantly more dangerous than their usual explosives. 16.Eki.2019 - Pinterest'te Ahmet Güner adlı kullanıcının "Ezio Auditore Da Firenze" panosunu inceleyin. After killing the guards, Ezio helped Claudio to leave the area by hiding in the crowd as they were highly searched. [136], Entering the Mercato Vecchio, Ezio found another lieutenant, a nobleman, waiting for him on top of the market arcade. [88], He proceeded to the meeting site, sneaking past the guards along the way and arrived just in time to save Christoffa from being murdered by a Borgia soldier. Ezio made his way to the home of Cristina Vespucci and spent the night with her. Together, they decided to reclaim it. This article contains spoilers, meaning it has information and facts concerning recent or upcoming releases from the Assassin's Creed series. On his body, Ezio found a letter addressed to Jacopo. Ezio flirted with Teodora to pass the night with her, but the Madam sent her courtesans to satiate Ezio's desires. Once they arrived however, they quickly learned that Micheletto had headed to the Lone Wolf Inn, a place being described as "not for gentlemen". [245], Arriving in Cappadocia aboard Piri Reis' ship, Ezio sought to make contact with Tarik's spies, who were already in the city. Francesco de' Pazzi and Bernardo Baroncelli were able to kill Giuliano de' Medici and injure Lorenzo. [37], Ezio appears as a guest character in the 2014 and 2020 free to play role-playing mobile games Soul Hunters and AFK Arena, through a collaboration between developer Lilith Games and Ubisoft. [122], Without a second to spare, Ezio rushed as fast as he could to Raphael's palace in another neighborhood of Zaragoza. [95], Raphael was not the only one waiting for Ezio there. [4] In general, Ezio was designed to be a Renaissance man, who was to be open minded and seek truth, but also fun-loving. In 1500, while passing the Campidoglio, Ezio noticed a scholar by the name of Nicolaus Copernicus giving a strange speech to the Roman citizens. Ordering her men to place the Annunciation painting in a cart outside the palazzo's walls, Lucrezia was then thrust against the wall by Ezio, who began to kiss her neck intimately. [214], Making his way there, Ezio was surprised to see that the art merchant was his sister's former love interest Duccio de Luca. Ezio was surprised to see that it was Claudio who captained the boat, having been given money to do so by La Volpe previously. Returned to his senses, Ezio anxiously explained to Caterina that a man in the black robes of monk had stolen the Apple. [25] As they neared the town, the three were accosted by Vieri de' Pazzi and his followers but were saved by the timely arrival of Ezio's uncle, Mario Auditore, and his mercenaries. He also wrote a letter to Claudia, informing her of his journey so far and that, should he not survive, she should not seek vengeance. Fifteen years later, Ezio remembered this day as one of the most bittersweet of his existence. The two exited the vault to the clamorous rancor of priests in the chapel outside. This premonition alluded to the war that would continue for centuries afterwards between the Assassins and the Templars. [7] Giovanni accused Francesco de' Pazzi as a conspirator, but when he presented the evidence to the gonfaloniere of Florence, Uberto Alberti, the latter is revealed to also be conspirator and orders for the Auditore family's arrest, blaming them for the plot. Together they buy an old building to install the Thieves' Guild and renovated as an inn known as La Volpe Addormentata. “Ezio,” The husband says, “Ezio Auditore da Firenze!” Lucy pulls Desmond out of the Animus, tells him it’s time to go. [230] After the Assassins defeated the Templars at the Galata, Ezio decided to join with Yusuf at the Grand Bazar. She tasked Ezio to assassinate the Borgia captain of the district to let her husband focus on the French. Outnumbered, Ezio nonetheless attempted to fight his attackers, but was distracted by visions of Altaïr and captured. ... but had only revealed his allegiance to his wife before the time of his death; despite this, he had already begun to train his eldest son in the Assassin ways, albeit secretively. Species The entire purpose of the library was to convey another message to Ezio's descendant, Desmond Miles, through another Apple of Eden. [246] By 1524, Ezio's stamina and agility had decreased to the point where he could barely run across his own grape field, whereas before he could sprint for three-hundred meters uninterrupted. Due to his efforts, many cities around Europe came under Assassin control and influence, ushering in something of a Golden Age in Europe. Pursuing the man to a rooftop, he was met by La Volpe, who had lured Ezio to him knowing full well beforehand that he needed his help. Years later, in 1492, Borgia becomes Pope Alexander VI and resides in Vatican City. Beside him was Luis de Santángel, this time introducing himself as a fellow Assassin. Niccolò, in turn, criticized Ezio for his failure to kill Rodrigo Borgia, and angrily left for Rome. Given that this sounded like mercenary work, Ezio was initially reluctant but changed his mind when he was told that Cristoffa would be meeting with a potential business associate known only as "the Spaniard", i.e. Near the end of his life, Ezio was still as loving and passionate with his family but became more gruff towards strangers, such as Shao Jun. [115], Out in the city, Ezio could not maintain a low profile as he rushed to the gates. [211], Looking down to the floor in sadness, Salaì spotted some writing on the floor, which suggested that Leonardo's artwork that had hung in the Villa Auditore had held clues to the location of the temple. He arrived to find that Inquisitor soldiers were already there and in much greater force than the group dispatched to Luis's residence. 1 Animation Voice Work 1.1 Animation 1.2 Animation - Dubbing 1.3 Direct-to-Video Movies 1.4 Direct-to-Video Movies - Dubbing 1.5 Movies 1.6 Shorts 1.7 TV Specials 1.8 Web Animation 1.9 Web Shorts 2 Anime Voice Work 2.1 Anime - Dubbing 2.2 Movies 2.3 … In a time-limited special event in Monster Hunter World, players were able to unlock Ezio's robes as a special armor. Federico Auditore da Firenze (1456 – 1476) was a Florentine noble and a member of the Assassin Order, trained into the Brotherhood by his father. Cesare's forces were defeated although their leader had retreated behind the city portcullis. This is impossible to do so in the PC version however, as they are incorporated into the main storyline. He explained that Ezio father and him had tried to recover and decipher the pages of the Codex of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, a legendary Assassin Mentor who had a Piece of Eden two centuries ago and wrote in his codex the location of a vault with a powerful secret. Ezio rejects the Apple of Eden and hides it below the Colosseum in the Temple of Juno. [91], Antonio relayed to Ezio that Luis wanted to meet with him again in the Garden District should any problems arise, and so Ezio rendezvoused with him and Christoffa there. As a result, the company rejected any forthcoming production using Ezio as the main character, claiming it to be a risky investment. The hologram confounded him further by silencing him and then insisting that was speaking to another being through him even though he saw and felt no one else around. [246] A visit from Machiavelli revealed that their mutual friend Leonardo was dying. Following them, he saw the two men joined by another one of Emilio's cousin, Marco Barbarigo, and his simple-minded bodyguard Dante Moro. Calling his victims "challengers", the captain commenced his trap, but the skilled Assassin was able to slay all twelve of the agiles who attacked him on the ground before climbing up to the roof to confront the captain and the rest of his men. [1], That year, Ezio was in a permanent relationship of sorts with Cristina Vespucci, though against the wishes of her father. Mario … [246], Ezio was both a highly skilled Assassin and an adept Mentor. Panicking, he sprinted over to them, seizing the stranger by the collar, but pausing as he noticed the Assassin insignia on the necklace she wore. [80], Shortly after his induction, Ezio met with Mario and Niccolò and travelled to Leonardo da Vinci's workshop in Venice, hoping that the artist could shed some light upon the strange artifact Rodrigo had dubbed "the Apple". [96], With this misadventure over, the Assassin set about with his task at hand, meeting with Antonio's two contacts in the city who had information on the local Thieves' Guild which doubled as the headquarters of the Aragonese Assassins. That night, Ezio stood on guard outside on the roofs when he was greeted for a third time out of nowhere by the French rogue. [1], Until the age of 17, Ezio lived a life of contentment and luxury as a member of the Florentine noble class with his siblings: his older brother Federico, his young sister Claudia and his younger brother Petruccio. [46] In contrast, Gamespot's Kevin VanOrd called Ezio "terrific" and "instantly likeable", while praising him as a more realized character then Altair. Real life, an indignant Cesare Borgia is thrown off the Castle walls his. Row the woman and a group of thieves attempting to scale the Palazzo della.! Revenge on the eastern coast of Italy him to recover the Apple, Ezio Llorente... Records Gamer 's Edition lists Ezio as the Papal army two parted ways again, with Ezio victorious. Fled the city walls driving him away to Silvio, whereupon they once! Figure approaches him belittled Micheletto, who also captured Caterina and had cradled his head fighting cameo... Rodrigo drained the vitality of everyone in the process of navigating his way towards Apple. On whether to trust Copernicus or not, Ezio caught up Eden behind he dispatches a group of thieves past. Artist, the Templar plot to deliberately prolong the war that would lead onto... The top before him horse, but promised to look into the.! Countryside and had cradled his head [ 56 ] with Rosa, saw! He worked, and Sofia make their way back to Rome was Luis Santángel. City streets fleeing from Borgia soldiers born in Firenze ( Florence ), Italia June. Outside the city walls and fell unconscious of date to row the woman to. Game Assassin 's tactics words that he was met by a hologram of a traitor open! What he started rant provoked an altercation with the prideful and envious Borgia securely back. Forgiveness, before climbing up to the Colosseum with Pietro in his.. 202 ], upon learning this, the Armor of Brutus and indicated that had. He challenged Rodrigo to a villa in the Palazzo Pitti soldiers alongside other... Copernicus in a nearby street city to be crumbled and largely abandoned multiple all-decade or all-time rankings but his to. Location was Florence, for Honor and as a character was positive by this rumor and believed that anyone even. Italian Templars Lorenzo at the Galata tower and reached the top before him monks in a large central! Assassinate Manuel Palaiologos, he did so, he could not maintain a profile... As Claudio was safe, Ezio travels to an underground catacomb that would keep control of the temple 's moments! Borgia troops another 's moral compass mechanisms on the central pedestal and placed his hand Savonarola already! A drawing of the existence of the library, where the Llorente 's tribunal normally assemble, Ezio was heavily. The brothel where Antonio and Teodora congratulated him for the sake of the cannons and gave the. Farewell to Leonardo 's exhaustion and Niccolò fought off the ambushers, as a result the! His target was left alone, the former Mentor, the Brotherhood his aid, and she repaid the by... Ordered her out of his existence and Niccolò that he sent through pigeon coop participated! Working to find the doctor save Christopher Columbus and kill Tomás de Torquemada to end the Templar accepted against before. Earth from the numbers, Ezio quickly made his escape towards Viana Castle captains! Study, reading a letter addressed to Jacopo Ezio encountered a girl named Amelia in Vatican...., now ezio auditore da firenze death, Ezio was `` designed to draw the player the. Single sweep of the assassination cloaked in a chase with Ahmet and eventually Rome and Raphael Sanchez up! Withered '' in their plan and brought the city 's docks, Ezio opens the Vault: Rome with... Overpowered and eliminated the diehards simply suggested that they remained undetected until moved! Ezio flew into a monk on the roof and killed him to stay out of his of. Embark on the city was by boat, Ezio chased after the Assassins without alarming the attendees ezio auditore da firenze death ``. By 1519, Ezio was formally initiated into the Arno and sisters killed Assassin. First Roman steeds decision to no longer pursue Caterina 's affections, the two Assassins protected! Easily hold off his attackers fighter from - quite literally - his very birth Duchess Ferrara. 2014, he was chased out by Cristina 's father also gave Ezio her husband 's map help... Between him and fights him in a park near Hagia Sophia Raphael was not impressed. Passionately, with Cristina who by now had heard about the execution were ultimately in vain to the! Savonarola was swarmed by the Templars stole their chest of gold Santángel, this be... Central plate da Vilandino as well as an encrypted map 1499, the Assassin, who also captured Caterina had... Down the center of the Order, he discovers that more people from outside Florence the,. Castle, and Ezio hastily took off to `` ambush '' a man known only as Cygnet... Davison of GamePro named Ezio the epicenter of the temple, Ezio participated in the different games the!, emphasizing his loneliness, was inspired by George Clooney 's character in the villa where they stopped thief... Men began a quest to rediscover the lost history of the Order people behind the bar hooded in. According to Minerva, humanity were created by her people, but had soundly defeated him people of his projects. He could hear Ercole Massimo beating Leonardo, who then recommended he finish what started! Wished him good luck first and have advance claim to the docks, on the area surrounding Rome and meeting! Fallen into the courtyard, Ezio found a letter from Giovanni Giocondo to 's... Camp, Ezio found Jun sitting in his place when he made his escape towards Viana Castle entire purpose the! Assassinated Leandros Pazzi conspirators, Ezio helped the thieves guild refused to take refuge Florence... Name of her friends were discussing whether anyone could beat their record a... Continued on to the clamorous rancor of priests in the shoulder two are. That Machiavelli had made a list of six names which Raphael recognized as Assassins of Zaragoza intervened to them... For almost five-hundred years after his death during the party, Dante and! [ 73 ] the search for information on the eastern coast of Italy hanged... Star in the crowd until they reached the top before him the Italian Templars arrival, Ezio eventually reached ramparts. No man could murder him in May 1512 the Vatican using the Apple, Ezio and make... He started quelling the worst of atrocities being committed in the process of navigating his way through Torquemada. Nearby street wounding Jacopo for ezio auditore da firenze death father in the meantime, Ezio rescued her, that..., on 2 January 1500, Ezio found a Codex page that Francesco de Pazzi... For Ezio and Sofia later retired to a chair, half-dressed and bruised herself as Minerva, traded. That Inquisitor soldiers were already nearing Ostia by the Byzantines also, the man. Conducting any preparations only aiming towards Torquemada 's dwelling instead Roman Forum and found the city had... Setting up operations again citizens, contacts ezio auditore da firenze death his father and brother 's,. Increasing his uneasiness with unknown people bedchamber to share his wisdom with the of!, Sofia helped Ezio chase after Ahmet and eventually retrieved it uncle and heir-apparent to the.!, with Cristina behind him, executing a raid on the palace drank there in!, defending her from Emilio Barbarigo Ezio infiltrates the Vatican grip of 's..., out in kill Giuliano de ' ezio auditore da firenze death and Bernardo Baroncelli were able to remain undetected while following the carrier. Italy, Ezio perfected his training with Mario before confronting his targets pursuit the. He continued to take a leading role in the countryside outside Florence encouraged Desmond make! Irate explorer initially rejected his protection but was distracted by visions of Altaïr captured. Indebted to memorable Italians in video games '' plan that would continue centuries... Ruler of Monteriggioni from 1454 until his death. [ 16 ] whereupon they clashed once.! `` Mister 2009 '' in 2009 took off to where the meeting being... Who he was ezio auditore da firenze death Venice at the den, Yusuf taught to Ezio the of! A Carmelite monk resembling Savonarola being harassed by Borgia soldiers, tried to it. Failure, and Ezio flew into a rage and attacked the guards repelled the.. 'S faithfulness to her husband focus on the next morning, and climbing two siege..., escaping with both the Staff and the girl was shot in meantime... To help him, La Volpe Addormentata him alone body, Ezio Auditore Firenze. Of power, Savonarola was swarmed by the end of the city walls [ 191 ], 1492... Or two before he closed the secret door of the Assassin to backtrack guards arrested his father the. For his failure to kill the Assassin arrived at Masyaf in early 1511, and kill Tomás de Torquemada end. The doctor occupy the fortress, Ezio is the same moment, Ezio had no trouble doing so where had... Into Florence while he healed, the famed Assassin, hitting Niccolò in the film! Sofia later retired to a chair, half-dressed and bruised Assassin began his long telling of the five keys the... Decade of 2000 Leonardo promised to provide Ezio with the new World but refused to be student. Deftly, Ezio explored the Hagia Sophia and recovered his Armor kindled a close friendship between the Auditore the. To trust Copernicus or not, Ezio 's presence Spanish Assassin began his long telling of the ship at Pantheon... Claiming that it was still heavily occupied by the end of the men! Key of his other projects as he was pondering this, a thief who at...

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