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Other large waters in the wilderness include 167-acre Crane Pond, 77-acre Gooseneck Pond, 66-acre Whortleberry Pond, 54-acre Berrymill Pond, 32-acre Crab Pond, 15-acre Oxshoe Pond and 13-acre Bear Pond. The 72 campsites are well-spaced and quite private. In this case, I had hiked to. The pine needles that lay thick on the ground under the trees made sleeping a little easier. If you're on a High Peaks summit with 70 other hikers, you're not going to see much in the way of wildlife. Was it a bear? Apparently we were on private property and didn't know it. Read our blog post: A beginner's guide to the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. We earned that site.". Maybe a porcupine, I … The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area is a gorgeous, 46,283-acre region that’s chock full of trails, lakes, mountains, and wildlife. The Pharaoh Lake Trail is located in the Pharoah Lake Wilderness near Schroon Lake. I wondered. Veer left to hike the route clockwise, so you summit Pharaoh Mountain in the morning on the next day. The response was a loud splash — a beaver entering the nearby pond. We took the trail from Pharaoh Road to the bottom of the lake. General information on hikingincludes how-to and safety tips and links to rules and regulations. I'm planning a weekend hike to Pharaoh Mountain for some bushwacking around the SW side and maybe doing a little rock climbing. The Adirondack Park is relatively new to me, but apparently it is not new to my family. It was pristine – unspoiled by heavy or inconsiderate use - and special in a way that even Little Wren recognized. May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness runs along the Eastern side of Schroon Lake in the Eastern Adirondacks and consists of a series of pristine lakes and ponds surrounding Pharaoh Mountain. The creature on the trail ahead of us wasn't menacing ... exactly. (Herb Terns / Times Union). It all depends where are you coming from. Follow the shoreline 1.7 miles to a fork at the lake… The over 70 miles of hiking trails range from easy to difficult. From there it was an easy 30 minute walk back to the car. Reviews (13) Hiking in the White Mountains and Adirondacks, Raymond Brook Ski Trail - North River, NY - 1/1/13, Bennies Brook Slide to Lower Wolfjaw - 7/15/13, Botheration Pond - Siamese Pond Wilderness - 12/28/12, Cooper Kiln Slide - Taylor Pond Wild Forest, Wilmington, NY - 12/22/14, XC Ski - Upper Works to Avalanche Lake - 3/22/14, Tongue Mountain Range - Lake George, NY - 11/22/12, Mount Van Hoevenberg & the Mr. Van Ski Trail - 8/12/12, Little Moose Mountain - Little Moose Wilderness - 10/3/15, French Point Mountain and First Peak - Tongue Range - 1/1/2019, XC to Moose Pond - High Peaks Wilderness, Newcomb - 2/7/15, A panorama of Gooseneck Pond from Potter Mountain, An incredibly long open summit on Potter Mountain. Outdoors: Abundant wildlife in Pharoah Lake Wilderness. No, too small. We followed the Long Swing Trail for 1.5 miles before branching left to begin our bushwhack towards Potter Mountain. One morning we woke to red squirrels chattering angrily in the trees above our tent. Maybe a porcupine, I decided as it came closer. There is snowshoe hare, woodcock, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey. If you don’t have a bear can or Ursack (neither are required in Pharaoh Lake Wilderness) search YouTube for PCT Style Bear Hang. The ponds are Heart, Bear, Rock Little Rock, Clear, Mud and Putnam Ponds. It feels like just a gradual hill. Putnum Pond & Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area – Spring Trout Fishing and Backpacking There are so many places to visit that often making a decision on a destination can be the hardest part of a trip. The county road along the east shore of Schroon Lake forms the western boundary; to the north, private land and NY 74 form the boundary. We made out way back down to the Long Swing Trail the same way we came up. Rock Pond Mine - Pharaoh Lake Wilderness - 11/28/13 The Adirondacks are full of great hiking destinations. The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, an Adirondack Park unit of New York's Forest Preserve, straddles the Essex County-Warren County line in the towns of Ticonderoga, Hague, Horicon and Schroon. This is easily the most popular recreational area in … The backcountry campsite where we set up our tent is one of many that can be reached via the trails that start at Putnam Pond State Campground. It appears that perhaps most of this ridge was perhaps devastated by fire at some time in the past. Sucker Brook Trail extends 7.5 miles from the Adirondack Trailhead to the intersection … I'd thought the beaver, hearing our voices, would either stop, turn around or turn onto the dry stream bed it was crossing. The trail to the Great Camp Santanoni is a fantastic trail for a great cross-country ski trip. Bear is an easy climb from the east. In contrast, on the holiday weekend, we only saw around two dozen people over four days and three nights out in the woods. This turns a 3.3 mile hike into a 4.2 mile hike (8.4 miles round trip). No, too small. Pharaoh Mountain, the highest mountain in the preserve, is found on the shores of Pharaoh Lake, the largest lake in the preserve. Most hikers use Putnam Pond State Campground as the main base to reach Clear Pond. The 46,283-acre Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area is located east of Schroon Lake. Return to Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. I want to come back to this peak in the summertime to see what this summit looks like then. We paddled, then portaged our gear (two trips, due to overpacking), then paddled some more, ending up at a site with a rocky shoreline perfect for watching the sun set. The number of people we met was in inverse proportion to the number of animals and birds we saw and heard. Outdoors: Abundant wildlife in Pharoah Lake Wilderness, The early morning sun hits a tent at a remote campsite at the Putnam Pond State Campground in Chilson. We had to wade through a small area  but as we got around to the SE edge of the ridge it opened up and the saplings were mostly gone. Little Wren, our 6-year-old foster daughter, popped up beside me. Putnam Pond State Campground is located off Route 74 in Chilson, west of Ticonderoga. All lands within the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness are open to hunting and trapping in season. This is a popular hiking area for very good reason. The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, an Adirondack Park unit of New York's Forest Preserve, straddles the Essex County-Warren County line in the towns of Ticonderoga, Hague, Horicon and Schroon.The county road along the east shore of Schroon Lake forms the western boundary; to the north, private land and NY 74 form the boundary. It was dark and squat, and it waddled more than walked. gvscott.gvs@gmail.com • http://blog.timesunion.com/outdoors/. As we approached the ridgeline, we were greeted by a thick forest saplings. There are a few Clear Pond's in the Adirondacks. This time the chosen route was to the justly popular Putnum Pond and Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. The shoreline site was isolated and beautiful, and all we could see of the campground was a sprinkle of colorful boats far across the water. But as much as I enjoy hiking there, I love the wilderness more. But it was a long, uphill walk for an animal clearly more at home in the water. She and her husband Herb Terns have been writing about the outdoors since 2009. All lands within the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness are open to hunting and trapping in season. Merge onto the Long Swing Trail and continue 1.4 miles east and south to Lean-to #3 . We also saw a smooth green snake, birds — warblers, chickadees, ravens, loons, mergansers and kingfishers — and numerous frogs, fish and crayfish (aka, mountain lobsters). Loons and owls called and hooted us to sleep at night. There is snowshoe hare, woodcock, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey. If you want to escape the crowds and make the most of this fall — and maybe see a gigantic beaver waddling toward you on the trail — you should consider looking to one of the Adirondack's wilderness areas. At the Putnam Pond's remote site, we had a picnic table and outhouse instead of the pine needle-padded ground and a cathole, but Wren declared that our previous site had been better. But no ... "Hey, Wren," I said to my hiking companion. I can't think of another summit that has such a long open summit. Yesterday the weather forecast for the north country was for temps of 25 - 35 degrees and 2-4 inches of snow ending by noon today. The sun was trying to come out, but it wasn't quite there yet. Olympic National Park, Washington, looking south from Hurricane Ridge at sunset 8/13/11. The wilderness is located east of US 9 and I-87, south of NY 74, north of NY 8 and west of NY 9N. Our last night out, we camped closer to civilization at a remote (paddle-in only) site at the Putnam Pond campground. Camping trip out to Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. At 6 miles and an elevation gain of less than 100 feet, Pharaoh Lake is not too long or arduous, perfect for dipping your toes in the waters of backpacking. Trailheads there offer access to a variety of beautiful ponds and mountains in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. It is a pretty secluded pond with a perfectly located lean to. A few years ago, I went on a Columbus Day Weekend (October) backpacking trip with my friend Christine Benton to the Pharoh Lake Wilderness in the Adirondack region of New York State. This secluded campground sits on the western edge of the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Pharoah Lake Wilderness - Putnam Pond Loop My Birthday was earlier in the week and Britt and I decided to take a trip up to the Adirondacks for a special hike and camp overnight trip. Pharaoh Lake Wilderness is a great uncapped campground, located in upstate New York, specifically, near Schroon Lake. The snow had stopped, giving us a little bit better visibility. The mountain-climbing beaver was earning that wetland and that lodge. It’s the most effective type of hang if that’s all you have because bears would need to develop opposable thumbs to get at it. The county road along the east shore of Schroon Lake forms the western boundary; to the north, private land and NY 74 form the boundary. There were no posted signs, but I should have known better. Pharaoh Mountain. It's 5.0 miles one way to the Great C... Lake George - from Tongue Mtn Range - 11/11/2011. You can reach her at gvscott.gvs@gmail.com. By Rich Macha. That’s great for people who like to explore, but it can make it … (Herb Terns / Times Union), A little paddling and portaging will help you find pristine campsites in the Adirondack wilderness. A paddle on the Schroon River and Schroon Lake - 9/21/12 Photo courtesy of Bob Van Hise. We decided to give him some space and stepped far off the trail to let him pass. The summit of Pharaoh Mountain and the shores of Pharaoh Lake and numerous other waters are the most popular destinations. It was time for us to head back anyways so we bushwhacked back towards the Long Swing Trail. Gillian Scott is a freelance columnist for the Times Union. If you visit a less-travelled area, your chances of seeing more critters skyrocket — even if you take along a chatty grade-schooler. Adjacent to Gore Mountain... Bennies Brook Slide on the northwest face of Lower Wolfjaw Mountain was choice for a hike on Monday. That ca... Last year on Veteran's Day, I hiked the lower portion of the Tongue Mountain Range in Lake George, NY for the first time. We skirted around the SW corner of the ridge in hopes of bypassing the saplings. "Come see this animal that's coming up the trail.". We happened to get back to the trail right near where we had begun out bushwhack to Potter Mountain. Just as we reached the final rock ledge at the summit, we came across a lightly used path and then saw several small discs that said PLC which I knew were the Pyramid Life Center. He was pokey, but he was huge. Edited: 8 years ago Reach 440-acre Pharaoh Lake’s north shore at mile 3.2. The woods were open and the ground conditions were fine for microspikes. Joe Wagner is a Connecticut-based writer who likes to share his stories and his unsolicited opinions on public policy at www.overthereef.com. You can access the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area in a number of points of ADK. Potter and Bear Mountains - Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness - 1/19/14 One hike for me often leads to another. Nine of them can be reached only by water. We speculated later that it was headed for a wetland nearby, where it would build a lodge before winter set in. I could also see Peaked Hill, which I had climbed in December on the day I bushwhacked to Gooseneck Pond. It can be accessed from 11 parking areas, so there are lots of options available. It was dark and squat, and it waddled more than walked. Find out more! Located near Ticonderoga, the Pharaoh Lake loop trail is a good one for beginners. Its definitely not as effective as a good spoon knife, but ok for playing around with in camp. Looking across the pond (really a good-size lake), you see no signs of development, just forests and hills. It was about 20 degrees. The namesake Pharaoh Lake, at 441 acres, is one of the largest lakes in the Adirondacks completely surrounded by Forest Preserve lands. The slide has been around for awhile,... Last winter I was working at Gore Mountain one day and I ran into former DEC forest ranger Steve Ovitt. With an open eastern ridge, and a faint herd path, it was an easy walk to the true summit. On this day, Leesa, Rev and I got an 8:30 start from the Long Swing Trail on Route 74 near Chilson. There are nearly 70 miles of foot trails in the wilderness and hiking is one of the main uses of the Pharaoh Lake region. The weekend before Labor Day, the state Department of Environmental Conservation ticketed two trip leaders from Canada for taking a group of 67 hikers up Algonquin Mountain in the High Peaks Wilderness area. I wondered. The hard work added to the sense of adventure. Responding Forest Rangers reported the fire was about two acres on Bear Mountain above Crane Pond. From the Putnam Pond Campsite this hike passes 7 pristine ponds in the Pharoah Lake Wilderness in the Adirondack Park of NYS. Once back to the trail, we decided we had enough time to head west and climb Bear Mountain as well. I have heard from a couple of people that there may be caves on the … In this case, I had hiked to Gooseneck Pond in the Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness Area back in December and while there, I spent some time eyeing Potter Mountain. Assuming you do it properly. Was it a bear? The Fire was reported to the DEC Ray Brook Dispatch on Saturday, Sept. 26, at 1:23 pm. Sometimes the destination is a natural setting and sometimes it is a man made remnant of times gone by. This one is located in the 46,283 acre Pharaoh Lake Wilderness in the East-Central Adirondacks. Explore the Adirondack wilderness around Pharaoh Lake! In spring, this hike is challenging as you can not drive your car to the trailhead. Once again the walking was easy. So Friday morning we drove to the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness for a much needed Vitamin W resupply and it was a gorgeous day: This year we decided to put the Jeep to work on the final piece of access road requiring HC & 4WD. Waterfowl are found on the many ponds, and white-tailed deer and black bear in the forests. You can literally dip your toes in the water too on a hot day along the 441 acres of Pharaoh Lake. Surfacing on occasion to report on wanderings, usually from "off the grid" locations in the Adirondacks and New England, but invariably other locations as well. If you like to backcountry ski, and you like hills, the Raymond Brook Ski Trail is for you. It was snowing lightly and there wasn't much visibility, but we were hoping it would clear. Just in time to get home for  the NFL Championship games. The wilderness area contains many ponds and small lakes as well as numerous small, rocky-topped mountains, but only two of those mountains have trails to their summits – Pharaoh Mountain (elevation 2,556 feet) and Treadway Mountain (2,208 feet) – both are worth hiking. We were angling towards the southwest edge of Potter Mountain. Far from any real water, it was a beaver on a mission, and the trail was undoubtedly the easiest way to get where it was going. Besides the wildlife, Mother Nature provided other amenities, including a sliver of a new moon and a twinkling canopy of stars. A pair of yearling bears found themselves stuck in a storage shed in Sullivan County. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds... One hike for me often leads to another. Hmm. I love the High Peaks — I have hiked and backpacked through them and reached all the summits over 4,000 feet. I know there are many people more travelled and more knowledgeable about the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, so I'm hoping that someone knows some information I'm looking for. For the past two years I’ve been working in Albany with the Adirondack Mountain Club. Best trails in Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, New York | AllTrails Wow what a trail! I thought of this effort when I saw the beaver coming toward us up the Treadway Mountain trail. (Though we found pine needles everywhere — and I do mean everywhere — for days afterward.). It is one of New York’s largest untamed wildernesses, and is apart of the Adirondack Forest Preserve, surrounded by other forest preserve lands and many ponds/lakes. If you have only 4-5 days and want to do multi-day/night camping you should decide between Mount Marcy and Pharaoh Lake. DEC Forest Rangers have contained a forest fire started by an unattended campfire on Crane Pond that has spread up Bear Mountain in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Maybe it was that our backcountry site could only be reached with what some might call considerable effort. Photos of Rock Pond, the Rock Pond Lean-to, and the hiking trail near Rock Pond in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness by John Warren; Map courtesy Adirondack Atlas. The beaver was the largest critter we spotted during a recent weekend canoeing and camping in the Pharaoh Lakes Wilderness Area. Waterfowl are found on the many ponds, and white-tailed deer and black bear in the forests. The 46,283 acre Pharaoh Lake Wilderness is located in Warren and Essex Counties in the towns of Schroon, Ticonderoga, Horicon and Hague. Pharaoh Lake, with a completely state owned shoreline, has camping sites and lean-tos with great access to the crystal-clear lake from ledges and rock outcroppings. Pharaoh lake Playing with the multi purpose striker from @kcardwel @Sbrody and I did some carving with the Old timer pocket carving tool I need to sharpen up the blades a bit. The Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, an Adirondack Park unit of New York's Forest Preserve, straddles the Essex County-Warren County line in the towns of Ticonderoga, Hague, Horicon and Schroon. I was anxious to get a look down to Gooseneck Pond, and I wasn't disappointed. This 46,283-acre wilderness includes an abundance of lakes, ponds, streams, mountains, and hiking trails that are open to the public. There was only 1-3 inches of snow on the ground throughout the hike. This is a long mostly flat hike. An eight pond can be added, Grizzle Ocean, which as another pristine pond. This weekend I spent both days doing hikes off of Cedar River Road, west of Indian Lake. As we reached the midpoint of the ridge on the east side, we were rewarded with a great view down to Gooseneck. But no, it kept lumbering closer, one waddle-y step at a time.

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