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Found 8 sentences matching phrase "sign of the cross".Found in 16 ms. [44][45], The Assyrian Church of the East uniquely holds the sign of the cross as a sacrament in its own right. [8] This symbolism was adopted after the more ancient gesture of two or three fingers was simplified. ita quod a superiori descendat in inferius, et a dextra transeat ad sinistram, quia Christus de coelo descendit in terram, et a Judaeis transivit ad gentes. b. Should Christians perform the sign of the cross?" The gesture of blessing is certainly related to the sign of the cross, but the two gestures developed independently after some point. The ritual is rare within the Reformed tradition and in other branches of Protestantism. Thus the decree for these three fingers. [10], Western Christians, including Roman Catholics and Protestants, as well as the Oriental Orthodox (Armenians, Copts, Ethiopians, etc. Peter of Damascus (12th century) gave the following instruction: Then we should also marvel how demons and various diseases are dispelled by the sign of the precious and life-giving Cross, which all can make without cost or effort. However, they begin with the right shoulder rather than the left, as is the practice of Latin Rite or Western Catholics. German theologian Valentin Thalhofer thought writings quoted in support of this, such as that of Innocent III, refer to the small cross made upon the forehead or external objects, in which the hand moves naturally from right to left, and not the big cross made from shoulder to shoulder. The sign of the cross is a prayer, a blessing, and a sacramental. The open right hand is used in Western Christianity. 1 Why do we make the sign of the cross? The Inscription above the cross of Christ was written in four different languages: Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. It may also be accompanied by the recitation of a prayer (e.g., the Jesus Prayer, or simply "Lord have mercy"). Print and learn this important part your Christian journey. cross oneself; Translations The sign of the cross is used in some branches of Methodism. Individuals may make it at any time, clergy must make it at specific times (as in liturgies), and it is customary to make it on other occasions. Other Protestants and Restorationist Christians do not use it all. In Russia, until the reforms of Patriarch Nikon in the 17th century, it was customary to make the sign of the cross with two fingers (symbolising the dual nature of Christ). Cookies help us deliver our services. ", "Can United Methodists use the sign of the cross? many sided evil in which man becomes a sharer during his earthly existence are surpassed: evil, which are fixed in sin and death; thus, ' multiplicis mali, cuius fit consors homo terrestri in vita: nam facit, Christi, ut altiores perspiciamus mali radices in peccatum mortemque descendentes et sic ea efficitur eschatologicum, Saint Paul, conjugal love is a sacramental, Christ's love for his Church, a love culminating in, Revera, in Pauli theologia, amor sponsalis, est sacramentale amoris Christi erga Ecclesiam eius, amoris qui tamquam in, Apostolate; this is in order to show that, Hungarian nation and its kings glory only in, , they are accustomed always to fight for, Catholic faith and to be victorious. 4. In the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches, the tips of the first three fingers (the thumb, index, and middle ones) are brought together, and the last two (the "ring" and little fingers) are pressed against the palm. The Father was never incarnate; the Son incarnate, but not created; the Holy Ghost neither incarnate nor created, but issued from the Godhead: three in a single divinity. by triviahappy Plays Quiz Updated Mar 12, 2018 . Amen." Amen. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1912. Popular Quizzes Today. The lower-case Latin letter x is sometimes used in place of the multiplication sign. In fact, some Pentecostal churches do not include the latin cross in their church. [31][32] Rubrics in contemporary Lutheran worship manuals, including Evangelical Lutheran Worship of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Lutheran Service Book used by LCMS and Lutheran Church–Canada, provide for making the sign of the cross at certain points in the liturgy. The index finger is extended to make the "I"; the middle finger signify letter "C"; the thumb touches the lowered third finger to signify the "X" and the little finger also signifies the letter "C".[28]. ", "Making the Sign of the Cross (Khachaknkel)", "In the Shadow of the Cross: The Holy Cross and Armenian History", "The Sacrament of the Holy Leaven (Malkā) in the Assyrian Church of the East". This is how it is done: from above to below, and from the right to the left, because Christ descended from the heavens to the earth..."[8][16]. There are slight differences in how it is made between the various rites of the Church, but they are all legitimate. a. The first three fingers express one's faith in the Trinity, while the remaining two fingers represent the two natures of Jesus, divine and human. The enforcement of the three-finger sign was one of the reasons for the schism with the Old Believers whose congregations continue to use the two-finger sign of the cross. The sign of the cross is on rare occasions used during Communion and during the Confession of Sin and the Creeds. The enlargement on the right shows that it is exactly like the Latin cross so commonly seen today. (Innocentius III, De sacro altaris mysterio, II, xlv in Patrologia Latina 217, 825C--D.). In this simple gesture one is not only making a sign of our redemption, the Cross, but is also expressing faith in the Blessed Trinity. Generally, most forms of Western Christianity, including Protestants faiths that incorporate the sign of the cross, follow the Latin … In the Philippines, this gesture has evolved into simply touching the thumb to the chin. obviam procedere potentiae et misericordiae Dei. The sign of the cross was made simply with the fingers (the index or the thumb) on the forehead or lips or breast (as Latin-rite Catholics do at the beginning of the Gospel lesson) or with the whole hand over the torso. The right hand proclaims His immeasurable strength, His sitting on the right hand of the Father, and His coming down unto us from Heaven. When a priest blesses in the sign of the cross, he positions the fingers of his right hand in the manner described as he raises his right hand, then moves his hand downwards, then to his left, then to his right. The sign of the cross is expected at two points of the Mass: the laity sign themselves during the introductory greeting of the service and at the final blessing; optionally, other times during the Mass when the laity often cross themselves are during a blessing with holy water, when concluding the penitential rite, in imitation of the priest before the Gospel reading (small signs on forehead, lips, and heart), and perhaps at other times out of private devotion.

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