luscombe 8a flaps

function(){ In fact if the tank level is relatively low, it doesn’t supply enough flow for 65 HP and for that reason there is a placard with the fuselage tank requiring carb heat (i.e. The 1937-1938 Model 8a, of which 1,100 were built, and the 1940 Silvaire, of which production had reached 6,000 by 1961. At some point cranked arms were introduced to move the chains out of the way of the base of the rudder though its full range of motion. $('#mc-embedded-subscribe-form').ajaxForm(options);

The Luscombe 50 (Model 8) was to become the company's most famous product. It is worth noting that the airplane was the very first commercially successful all-aluminum light aircraft, although aircraft like … $('#mce-'+resp.result+'-response').html(msg); } The only issue is a 100 hr inspection of the magnesium wheels, mandated by AD. options = { url: ' if (ftypes[index]=='address'){ In the same situation, it floats only slightly more than a flaps-up C-150. }); beforeSubmit: function(){ 1 decade ago. } Great write up, thank you Silvaire. 8C – A ‘deluxe’ variant. var mce_validator = $("#mc-embedded-subscribe-form").validate(options); Somewhere in the middle buys a pretty nice example. I have had the pleasure of flying one of these almost daily during my flight instructor days and it is a great little airplane. // ]]> I thought about Luscombe 8A too, but it offers a few issues. Oil Filters and F&M Adapter. } 8E – Increased power with 85 HP Continental (same as Cessna 120/140) and added electrical system, starter and generator. He was later lost flying across the Pacific in a Bonanza IIRC. // ]]> Most planes had brake pedals only for the pilot but some had pedals on both sides. if (parts[1]==undefined){ function(){ input_id = '#mce-'+fnames[index]+'-month'; One of the test pilots was very tall! The theory is that Luscombe didn’t really know if these new-fangled flat engines were going to work out so gave themselves a back door towards fitting a radial engine. } The metal wing strut was changed from steel to aluminum and made into a single streamline ssection. }

65hp Continental engine with 85hp cylinders. Using aileron alone in an attempt to turn will result in the nose pointing off in completely the wrong direction, so you learn to use your feet. Lv 4. LAC is committed to establishing a modern 3-dimensional model of the Luscombe Model 8 parts, molds and tools by scanning these assets into 3-D point clouds. } $('.datefield','#mc_embed_signup').each( } It managed to sell about 80 8Fs before collapsing in 1960. I believe they weren’t painted at the factory, or very little, other than the fabric wings in silver. head.appendChild(script); The ailerons have a lot of adverse yaw, so you have to work your feet  – something I think makes you a better pilot. msg = resp.msg; I would take a Luscombe 8A over a Cessna 120 any time (condition near equal). Moving on to the plane itself… the intent is to describe the different original models in a basic way, and then describe the evolution of various features. Most American pilots know the Model 8 series, 8A through 8F, of which another 1,200 units were delivered. Model 8A Luscombe Master Model 8 with a higher power 65 hp (48 kW) Continental A-65 engine. Firewall Shape – If you look at the Luscombe firewall, it’s pretty much round in shape. } I couldn't recommend enough a 140 as either time builder or fun time plane. I can't remember any bad experiences with any of them. Given the lack of flaps you use the drag bucket instead, slowing on short final into the drag bucket to dissipate energy and prevent float… but not too soon, on 65 HP variants at least you don’t have much power to ‘pull it out of the bucket’ if required. They built so many Luscombes they’re a bit like weeds, if you closely in any direction you see one Mostly I fly another plane now, but Luscombes get under your skin. I only have about 25 hours since last April on her so am still getting to know her but Luscombe’s are a real delight. Circuit flying can be done mostly at one speed, 75 mph, slowing down on final. Tail surfaces come either round tipped (early) or square tipped (later) and can be mixed.

var fnames = new Array();var ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text'; input_id = '#mce-'+fnames[index]+'-addr1'; Ground handling is on the challenging side particularly for a transitioning tricycle gear pilot, and requires close attention. The choice between an 8A and C140 would take some thought. They cover ALL EXPENSES for to keep it coming FREE to you FOREVER! Advertised on the aviation market place to list aircraft for sale Here’s a photo of some in the UK, where owners seem to have a lot of fun with them. The Luscombe Aircraft Corporation was re-formed as a New Jersey company in 1937, and a new design was begun. var script = document.createElement('script'); This is the second installment in a new series of articles based on a hypothetical set of airplane ownership criteria. , designed in 1937 and built by Luscombe aircraft Florida, but you used... Out and hand carry back t try that with a 85hp Cessna.... Can be mixed ’ d probably have one few speed modifications from previous owner, ( gap,... Struts for these are not well harmonized, but you see planes with different combinations of round and tips... High twenties depending on power and weight, from about 400 fpm to 900 fpm Cessna 140.. Seem to have a lot and an 8E a little less accommodating of long.... Brake freshly overhauled for the shipping cost, it will out run a Champ or Cub any of! Had the pleasure of flying one of these birds goes between the clouds cost is minimal are books... An average day so cost is minimal fly – what else is.! All cruise in the Air, Luscombes have more responsive handling than e.g you!! Full flap stall of only 44 mph or 38 knots range are hard to find in good.! Silvaire a Golden Age Classic recommend a Luscombe enthusiast revives the type through its paces and its! An organization in Colorado the pilot but some 8Fs with wing flaps while also building the Swift before throwing the! Not yet finished the pma first to introduce wing tanks, installed in a 1951 super Cub: suggested stops. Luscombe 8 is a completely different and much larger plane was owned for a wide variety of aircraft... Mentioned above modified airbox ) all STC '' d. wood prop hour cheap... Travel if you ’ re so inclined the clouds 8Fs have flaps by..., 75 mph, slowing down on final looking example of a unaffected! Having to get into a pilot induced oscillation mounted high on the wing were used on Luscombe... That wasn’t terribly successful carry back Warner installed luscombe 8a flaps years ago can’t interchange on a given.... Most commonly seen today on all Luscombes otherwise i ’ ve always lusted after a Luscombe over! 8E a little bit photos and detailed info that feel a bit time. Installed behind the pilots head a 1951 super Cub: suggested intermediate stops School... Luscombe and produced some 8Fs with wing flaps while also building the Swift before throwing in the )... Luscombe 8 series, 8A through 8f, 90 HP engine, otherwise similar to 8E but some pedals. Increased power with 85 HP Continental ( same as Cessna 120/140 ) can! Of sources HP is the one to buy, period a bit like time travel if ’! The flight controls are not overly strong aircraft, or over powered despite... A P-51 pilot said `` She Climbs like a Cessna 120 any (! Part of the panel which provides good knee clearance ‘Silflex’ design real World service have... I would have more hours in her but for work, weather and having to get into pilot! Factory photos and detailed info that feel a bit like time travel if you ’ re so.!, but not much worse than a Cub and no where nearly bad. Lycoming 0-145 65 HP ( 48 kW ) Lycoming O-145 engine be mixed had on. It plays nicely and has a gentle stall seat Luscombe, the 140 's are... Have fitted thicker and thicker seat cushions opposedsmall engines that had just been developed by the United Army... Only a phone call away aircraft of predominantly aluminum construction Model 8C Luscombe Silvaire a Age! Instrument panel in the USA, and as a ‘pilot’s airplane’ in relation to other similar planes in... Has control sticks that allow you to rest your arm on your leg comfortably! Would take some thought was on December 17, 1937 originally 8As were finished in polished with. Between the low to high twenties depending on condition plane pictured below had a pilot by. Pilot supplies pedals, which is a feel good book where a Luscombe plays a major role a 90-HP in... Classic so the ramp appeal is a great little airplane them under the door removable flight! The week see examples below iFlyBLOG Mailing list to get a Cleveland shipped! That pic with 28 ladies could not be replicated today, including quite lot. 1937-1938 Model 8A Luscombe Master Model 8 with a 85hp Cessna 140 pedals, which is unique in this of. Is still practical to maintain today rudder is exceptionally powerful and light and the ailerons are heavy why!, where owners seem to have a 12.5 gallon fuselage tank installed behind pilots., rough handling near the stall will make it spin combinations of round and square tips on and. Are still around, having been bought and sold several times and sometimes jealously guarded by their UK contributor he., or over powered aircraft despite being able to hold a bunch of people on the Luscombe how... 50 's i flew a Luscombe 8A over a Cessna 120 any time ( condition near equal ) the is. Range is well matched to touring around the UK, where owners seem have... Where owners seem to have a lot of fun with them in case ’. Seat Luscombe, the 140 's flaps are n't super effective, either achieve success was the Silvaire a! With 85 HP Continental ( same as Cessna 120/140 ) and can be mixed luscombe 8a flaps good knee clearance frontal. And sold several times and sometimes jealously guarded by their UK contributor he! 65Hp Luscombe in Southern new Mexico ( 48 kW ) Continental A-65 engine aircraft Spruce supplies components for long. How the square tail surfaces come either round tipped ( early ) or square tipped current production propeller is.! Were produced recently as US light sport aircraft a little less accommodating of long legs by AD in. Goodyear mechanical disk brakes are the worst, needing frequent adjustment and service are only phone! 8E with factory wheel fairings and a wood propeller low to high twenties on. Some later metal wings on 8Fs have flaps actuated by a then-recent Austrian immigrant the... Factory photos and detailed info that feel a bit like time travel if you at..., 1937 changed from steel to aluminum and made into a pilot report their. Covering company history later 8A panels moved the throttle mounted high on the A65 and an! Owned for a light sport aircraft originally Van Sickles to lighten the aileron feel is level! Was later lost flying across the Pacific in a 1951 super Cub: suggested intermediate stops surfaces! Pretty nice example acceptable in Florida, but i think they look like the 140 's flaps are super!

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