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It was established in 1952 to meet the educational needs of children of missionaries. Morrison Academy is an international Christian school founded 1952 in Taichung, Taiwan. Morrison Academy (Chinese: 馬禮遜學校; pinyin: Mălĭxùn Xuéxiào; Wade–Giles: Ma-li-hsün Hsüeh-hsiao) is an international Christian school founded 1952 in Taichung, Taiwan.It primarily caters to the children of missionaries. Morrison Academy staff and students celebrated the school’s twenty-fifth anniversary in 1977, the same year TEAM property owned by the Door of Hope was being renovated for Bethany students. Morrison Academy Taichung is located in Beitun District, Taichung. All Morrison Academy Taipei teachers are certified in their academic disciplines and are committed to partnering with parents to meet the unique needs of each student. Parents are responsible for all supervision outside of on-site class time, including time before, after and/or between classes. UPCOMING EVENTS NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 十一月和十二月 November 26, 27 Thanksgiving Break 感恩節假期 December 9 K-3 T-ball Pizza Party 幼兒園到三年級樂樂球Pizza派對 December 10 4-5 Softball Pizza Party 四五年級壘球Pizza派對 Decem… At Morrison’s request, TEAM granted continual use of that property, and plans were begun to construct a new building on that site. Dorms. Follow Morrison Academy Taichung High School Athletics The students may range in age from students who are … Morrison Academy Taipei is a part of the Morrison Academy system and offers classes from kindergarten through twelfth grade. It primarily caters to the children of missionaries. 21-1, Chu Yuan Lane, Beitun, Taichung, 406051 | Tel: 04-2239-7532 | … Beyond the original Taichung location it also maintains a campus in Taipei and Morrison Academy Kaohsiung in Kaohsiung; other satellite campuses existed in the past Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Morrison Academy has established boarding homes on the Taichung campus which house 4-12 boys and 4-12 girls in separate wings of three facilities. Morrison Academy (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi) Register for the TAI-Fair: Candidates: Please fill out this form and upload your CV Schools: Contact Last day to register is November 30, 2020. From its earliest days, this missionary school has welcomed the children of other expatriates on a space available basis. Morrison Academy is an international Christian school in Taiwan. Morrison Academy - Taichung HS Athletics. Four Campuses. Morrison Academy Taichung | 216 Si Ping Road, Taichung, Taiwan 40679 | 04-2292-1171x501. Morrison Academy does not accept responsibility for homeschool students, except when they are participating in courses and programs to which they have been formally enrolled. 818 likes.

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